Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeding the Ducks with Grandma

Ethan and Eli
Grandma loves you two so much! I had so much fun this summer having you here. I'm one lucky grandma to have been given two sweet little boys to love.

I wonder what is going through that little head.

I have the bread Grandma to feed the ducks.

Hurry Ethan...we can try and hold them.
Grandma took us to feed the ducks.

Ethan playing in the rain at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Just look at that little face on Ethan as he holds Buddy.
We got a new puppy and our grandsons named him "Buddy". They loved him and I think Buddy loved them too. They had so much fun playing with him!

Summer Fun with our Children and Grandchildren

What an awesome circle!
Just look at those smiles...
We love these two little
grandsons so much...
They are what makes us

This little guy has moved to Washington State. We never thought that we would be so far away from our grandchildren. We had went to this beautiful park where they live. I sure do miss this little guy....
I love this picture! Johnny, Shanna and Eli came home and spent a whole month. We really enjoyed having them home and being able to spend time with them. Eli warms up to us so much quicker now and we sure do love that.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Snow Canyon with the family in St.George, Utah

Johnny had to move quickly to get his son as Eli ran as fast as he could.

Look at them run. They loved being free from their strollers.

These two little boys are the sunshine of my life.
They were holding hands while walking in front of their parents.

We went to Snow Canyon on a Sunday afternoon. This area is beautiful! We took a walk on one of the many trails. I loved being there with all of our children and grandsons. Our son in law wasn't able to be there because of work. Grateful for this time spent with them.

Our little Grandsons turned 2 years old this year.

Eli turns 2 years old!

Ethan turns 2 years old!

For Easter we got each one of our grandsons baskets and this wonderful chalk. Ethan had fun playing and drawing with it. I gave it to him before Easter morning.

What a sweet little boy!

Ethan helping us rake the front yard.