Friday, March 11, 2011

Sharing some time together

This is my identical twin sister whom I love to pieces!
We spent an afternoon and went had our pictures
taken. I can't believe we got back up after being on that
hard floor.(haha) I'm glad we got to spend this time together!!

It wasn't as cold as it may seem here. Our little grandsons were helping make their snowmen. We so much enjoyed having them home here with us! Wish we were closer....
Eli is like....Grandma, did I really make this? This snowman is bigger than me! He loved the snow beings where he lives they don't see it hardly at all. We went sledding and he played in it and even tried to eat the snow. He really loved it, and so did Grandma having him here with us!!

Winter 2010

Ethan had so much fun helping with his snowman. He picked out the sticks for his arms. I had alot of fun making this for him. We ended up getting lots of snow for them to play in while they were home visiting.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeding the Ducks with Grandma

Ethan and Eli
Grandma loves you two so much! I had so much fun this summer having you here. I'm one lucky grandma to have been given two sweet little boys to love.

I wonder what is going through that little head.