Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some fun at the Park......

This was taken of Ethan and Eli at Anson Park. They loved the slides and the swings. They surprised us in how much they loved to swing and go down the big slides.
It was a big day for them with the trip to the zoo and then to the park.

A day with Grandma and Grandpa

Ethan and Eli are what makes us smile as we speak their names. We enjoy having them being a part of our lives. Their smiles and laughter are what makes our days. We had so much fun taking them to the Blank Park Zoo. It was fun to see them point as they seen each animal there.
They weren't afraid at all...
I'm glad that it didn't rain until we were ready to leave...We love you Ethan and Eli so much!!

A camel ride for Eli

This is Eli and his Mommy. He is our youngest grandson who appears to be not afraid of this camel. He loved the ride as the one of the workers for the zoo took them for a little ride. Just look at him....he sits there as though he has done this before. He can be so funny. I'm glad that the weather didn't turn to rain before the babies were able to see all the animals.
As we were getting ready to started to rain.

A day at the Zoo with Ethan and Eli

Ethan was able to feed the giraffe here and he wasn't even scared. He was pointing and looking at all of the animals. I'm glad that they enjoyed this trip to the zoo. I loved seeing their little faces as they looked at all the different kinds.
They seen tigers, goats, Bald Eagles, Zebras, camels, and many others. Oh, and even monkeys.
It was hot and very humid but it didn't stop us. I really think that it was a good day for all of us.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How fun to see these two little babies together.

It has been wonderful to have Eli home here to play with his little cousin Ethan. They play so well together. I am truly enjoying having our children home for a month. We hope to find some fun and exciting things to do while they are home. Going to take our grandsons to the zoo and to Adventureland next week. I sure love these little guys so much. They make me smile.......and my heart is full.