Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Our home to Yours!

Happy Holidays!

Ethan was having a ball playing in the snow too! He only stayed out for a little bit for it was pretty cold.

Eli played in the snow. We had gotten quite of bit of snow before they got here. It was pretty deep here and he was wanting to run in it.

Santa came to visit all the children, and even some of the adults. Family was together and that is what made the evening better. All the little ones and even some of the adults got their picture taken with Santa.

Santa's little helper.

They woke up Christmas morning and seen these cute little horses. They have had so much fun with these rocking horses. Was fun to see and hear the excitement in their little voices. We sure love these little guys!

Ethan loved his too!

Eli got some reindeer antlers.

This little guy and his parents came home for Christmas this year.