Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our trip to Utah

Went to St. George, Utah to celebrate our youngest grandsons first birthday. He turned one in April. This picture was taken up on the top of Dixie Rock. We had so much fun being with the kids. Alisha, Evan and Ethan didn't get to join us on this trip and so as you can see there are a few family members missing.
It was beautiful scenery behind us. The weather was great also.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One of my favorite places

I have always loved going for walks in the Riverside Cemetery.They have done a lot of work to make it a place of beauty. They increased the pond and added another sprinkler system. It really is pretty down there. I have always loved walking in that area.
John and I took our oldest grandson Ethan for a stroller ride and he enjoyed it, he even fed the ducks and didn't try to eat the bread himself. Now if it was our youngest grandson Eli, he would of had the bread ate before we got there. The sun didn't shine much but it wasn't bad for the month of April. I think it got as high as 60 degree's here today.
I have added a few pictures and just maybe part of the pond you'll be able to see.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hard to imagine...

It has been hard to believe that a year has passed and these two little guys are now 1 years old. Time has flown by us way to fast. It was fun to come out to Alisha and Evans home and watch General Conference with them. Ethan has a lot of fun throwing all of his toys out of the tote and in the whole time he's doing it, his father is saying " Ethan, don't do it! I love to watch them with him, they're really great parents and I love sitting back and watching Johnny and Shanna and Alisha and Evan. These babies couldn't have picked better parents to love them and raise them. I know they'll do an awesome job!
We got snow today and I really wish we could see some warmer days. Soon John and I will be flying to St.George, Utah to spend some precious time with our youngest grandson Eli. He turns 1 years old on the 16th. We just start to get warmed up where we are able to cuddle and squeeze him and then it's time to go. We enjoy our time together and can't wait till the next... these grandsons have brighten our days and we love them bigger than the skies!